Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Keith Latman: Two Loves, One Success

Keith Latman is a man who enjoys combining his two loves: entrepreneurship and computers. In 1999 he set the computer world on fire when he announced that he was starting a company that would be offering extremely inexpensive PC’s. The Webzter Jr. was going to set the world on fire. It was inexpensive, it came with everything a basic computer should, and it had one year of internet to go along with it. This, unfortunately, is where things started to unravel.

Shortly after the Webzter Jr. was announced, orders started pouring in for the project. It was around that time that Earthlink, the company that was providing the internet connection for the Webzter Jr., pulled out of its contract with Microworkz, the Seattle-based company that Keith Latman had started. To make matters even more complicated, the business had grown so large so fast that the production team was unable to fulfill it’s quota of computers that were already sold. This meant that the company was going to be unable to deliver all of the products that it had pre-sold.

Keith Latman learned a lot of lessons during the ensuing years. Without being asked to by the court or anyone else, he bought a computer for every person who had ordered a Webzter Jr. that was unable to receive one. This amounted to buying 111 computers over a 7 year period. Keith Latman took to heart the lessons he had learned during the post-Microworkz time period and vowed to make his next company stronger and better.

A man of many talents, Keith Latman once again decided to focus on providing services there were needed in the computer world. He began RetailTRAC, which was eventually sold to Minow LLC, and MicroPOS, which was sold to Micros. His newest company is located at iMagicLab.com. iMagicLab is a site that helps car dealers to create a life-long relationship with their customers. It is revolutionary computer software that will help dealers not only to sell more cars, but to keep their dealerships safe from hackers as well.

In the past three years since he created iMagicLab, which was formerly known as iCarMagic, Keith Latman has worked to train thousands of dealers, has published 75 articles, and has spoken at seminars around the nation. He has been a senior manager in the internet industry for over twelve years, but that has not stopped him from learning new things. Just recently, Keith Latman attended ID Tech Camps to get certificates in both Video Game Creation and Web Design & Flash Animation, so that he can further broaden his computer expertise.

Keith Latman is a man who has not let a little adversity get him down. He is a man who has dreams about how the world should be, and is doing his part to make it become the place of his dreams. His drive, determination, experience and ingenuity make him a valuable asset to the IT community.
More Information: http://www.imagiclab.com

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